The Only Way To Do It Is By Kreating Just love!

About Us:

I know the big question everyone keeps asking is who exactly are you? Well we are Kreating Just Love! That is all there really is to it! We are an organization that wants to Kreate Just Love in the world and within everything that we do!

But What Is The Organization?

I am glad you ask! The organization consists of multiple branches! First we have Kreating Just Love which is our Brand, our Staple; Then we have Kreating Just Love Gifts; and lastly we have Kreating Just Pictures! Each branch is unique and brings their own piece to the organization! 

What Does Each Organization Do?

Veer with me from the initial question in your mind for a moment and let me explain us! Kreating Just Love is where we get the word out! Where you can see what we do, what we are up to, and where you can learn all about us!

Kreating Just Love Gifts is where we make and sell gifts! Each gift is handmade with Kreating Just Love and is meant to bring a little smile to you! You can also get gifts for others and spread the love! This is also where we get most of the funds to be able to support our charities and Kreate special moments helping other people! 

Kreating Just Pictures is another outlet that we get to use to help fund the mission within our organization. Kreating Just Pictures does multiple things like, show casing moments in the world where Love is taking place and you also get to make/buy picture gifts of all kinds!

Why Are you being Coy, Just Answer The Question Who Is Behind The Scenes Of Kreating Just Love!

See this is where we differ! We are not being coy! Our mission is different! We are not looking to be famous. Yes we want to be big! We want the world to know who we are and what our mission is! However we do not want us specifically as people to be famous! We want to personally stay out of the lime light! We just want our mission and organization to be famous!  We just want our mission and organization to grow and do nothing but be Kreating Just Love in the world! We look to be different! How is that you ask? We look to differ by you guys never seeing who is behind the scenes. You may hear our voices in videos, you may see our hands, however we look to never have us as people show cased. We just want to forever show case our mission by Kreating Just Love and truly helping people within this world!